Group Run 120717

We're collecting for our book & toy drive for Bronx Lebanon Hospital at the run. If you have any kids' books or toys gathering dust, please bring them.

Here's the run:

* Warm up from Columbus Circle to W72
* Pickup #1 - up west side to W102 and across transverse to E102 (2 miles) 
* Recover down east side to Engineers' Gate
* Pickup #2 - from Engineers' Gate to E72 (1 mile) 
* Recover across 72nd St Transverse
* Pickup #3 - counterclockwise lower loop, then continue to Tavern on the Green (2 miles) 
* Cheap cool down from Tavern back to the shop

Pickups #1,3 at 10 mile race pace, Pickup #2 at 10k pace, recoveries as slow, steady jogs.

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