Group Run 092817

Warm up from Columbus Circle to W72, then find your legit MGP. Maintain marathon *effort* up the west side, across 102nd St, and down to Cleopatra's Needle. Turn there and retrace your steps. Those training for NYC or Philly should maintain the same effort the whole way. Those who do not have a fall marathon should return at HM pace. Those running Chicago should use this as their last hint of intensity, but shorten the run, turning at Engineers' Gate instead. 

The idea for the fall marathoners is to really begin to lock in your pace. Don't be influenced by those around you. Run *your* pace. 

Please note that as the terrain changes, so should your speed, but your effort should remain constant. You can use GAP on Strava to see how well you adjusted. Of course heart rate is a good indicator as well. 

Details are on Strava

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