Baby SinCane puts the win in Schwinn

Jog I don’t need to know yet how old my child must be to safely ride in a baby jogger. At 33+ weeks pregnant, we have a ways to go before settling into these runs. One forum I won’t go to to gather the information is Folks with monikers like “manly man” whom I am certain are just adolescent boys (aren’t all the posters adolescent boys?) have responses like, “ …real men don't try to run pushing a stroller. you are just lazy. there are plenty of opportunities to run without looking like some milksop.” Back to the baby jogger. Today our dear friends Alix, Ammon, and Ogden gave us a Schwinn joyride baby jogger with full suspension. One word: Ohmygawd!!! I think the maximum capacity is about 50 pounds or so, and the child should at least be able to hold up his head. Two things to report: my child is precocious, and companies give you weight restrictions for fear of lawsuits.

I am not sure how I let Cane convince me after dinner to go for a test ride, but that we did. Congrats Schwinn on being able to handle 141 pounds (I am sure it was more after dinner) for a very comfortable ride. And for all my teammates who are world record holders—Chris B., Chris S., Brad, Terence, Francis, Bea…, I think I may have to submit this one on behalf of Baby Sin Cane: youngest baby to go a block in a baby jogger at negative 6.5 weeks old.