We offer personalized online programs, one-on-one coaching, and group training for runners and multisport athletes of all levels. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a national caliber athlete, our combination of practical experience and scientific knowledge can help you meet your goals.


Private Coaching



Comprehensive, customized workouts are sent on a weekly basis using our custom on-line training log. Additional communication via email, chat or phone. Access to our free or discounted team workouts, as well as discounts on all our other coaching services and from many of our vendors, sponsors and partners.

$200 per month, add $50 for first month. No contracts or minimum commitments.


In Person

If you require personalized attention, our team of coaches is available for private swim, bike and run sessions.

Cost: $150/hour, $125/hour for monthly coaching clients (plus facility charges if applicable.)



Corporate Wellness Programming


Chase Corporate Challenge

Run/Walk Program

Couch to 5K

Time Warner Fit Nation: Running and Walk/Run


Fit Nation is a program for Time Warner employees of all fitness abilities looking to achieve personal fitness goals through training, camaraderie, and event participation.



Group Training


Couch to 5K

Days Vary
Times vary

Our "Level I" program is designed for individuals who have never run before, or who have not run in a very long time and want a structured introduction to get in shape without getting injured along the way. Our twice weekly meetings start with very gentle group workouts combining walking and running.


Couch to 10K

Days Vary
Times vary


This "Level II" program begins where Couch to 5K leaves off (although you needn't have participated in Level I to join!). In this fun and challenging 10 week program, we will meet twice per week and begin very slowly as we progress toward our goal of running a local road race. We recommend that you already be able to run 2.0 miles continuously, regardless of pace.


Track Workouts

6:30pm, Red Hook Track


Meet every Tuesday night at the Red Hook (Brooklyn) Track. The "Baby Got Track" Workouts are appropriate for runners from 5k to marathoners and triathletes.


Speed Workout

7pm, NY Running Co.


"Speed City" Thursdays


Race Specific Training


NYC Marathon (Manhattan)


NYC Marathon (Brooklyn)



Planning to race the NYC Triathlon or another summer Olympic triathlon? Tired of having your races sponsored by neglect? Join us this spring/summer as we chase down a dream that starts in the Hudson and finishes in the heart of the city! Head coach, Mark Montgomery, will be teaming up with some of your favorite coaches from City Coach, Tailwind and Blue Ocean Swimming to prepare you for this amazing race! If so, hit the button, fill answer a couple of questions, complete the payment, and you're in!
Rate: $375 (race entry NOT included)
Start date: May 8th (10 week program)


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Training Camps, Clinics, and Workouts


Open Water Swims

Open water swimming in a triathlon requires skills you can't learn exclusively in a pool with calm water and a black line to follow. We'll cover:

  • Dealing with choppy water

  • Sighting and navigation

  • Contact with other swimmers

  • Drafting

  • Turn technique

  • Handling bright sun and big waves

...and much more.

Brick Workouts

Foliage Bike Ride

Training Camps