The Taco Mile For Mexico

Dine. Dash. Repeat. 

On October 4, we gathered at Brooklyn's Red Hook Track for a Taco Mile. The format was a takeoff on the classic Beer Mile - eat a taco, run a 1/4 mile, repeat, repeat, and repeat again. The first racer to down all four tacos (and keep them down) and complete four laps is the winner. (Thankfully, we did not need to enforce the penalty lap rule for any "reversals".)

Kai and I had planned the event for a while, and initially envisioned it as a fun diversion for a few friends. But after the recent earthquake in Mexico, we decided to expand the field and make the event a fundraiser. Thankfully, everything came together nicely. '

First, we needed to choose a suitable charity. All profits went to Topos México, a nonprofit rescue brigade made up of volunteers that was created after a 1985 earthquake.

Next, we partnered with La Esquina, one of New York's top tacquerias, to provide the tacos. Our friend and teammate Fabian Gallardo is the Culinary Director there, and La Esquina not only fed our racers, but also hosted the afterparty. 

Then we needed racers. As soon as we opened registration, we realized there would be no problem filling the field. In fact, our biggest challenge was making sure that we didn't monopolize the track with too many runners. The field included a world record holding competitive eater, top local triathletes and runners, City Coach athletes and staff, and lots of other supportive and enthusiastic competitors. Men competed. Women competed. Children competed. Everyone cheered and supported one another. 

In the end, we had a tight competition, with the Lauren Schorr and Stefan Irion breaking the tape. And more importantly, we raised $1192.64, every penny of which will be sent to the charity. 


  1. Lauren Schorr
  2. Alison Magistrali
  3. Kristen Elkins
  4. Tahira Alford
  5. Carmelina Santoro
  6. Linda Ewing
  7. Lauren Theurkauf
  8. Cipriana Cuevas
  9. Evelyn Sorto
  10. Cynthia Mora
  11. Sydney Neuhaus
  12. Leigh Wallace


  1. Stefan Irion
  2. Adam Devine
  3. Yasir Salem
  4. Kevin Rankin
  5. Harry Neuhaus
  6. Jose Alzorriz
  7. Bryan Hall
  8. Peter Eckenrod
  9. Elijah Taylor
  10. Joel Tse
  11. Michael Ring

My sincere thanks to Kai Ng for acting as the Race Director and mastermind, as well as taco delivery man. Thanks to La Esquina for their support. Thanks to our volunteers. Thanks to PIX 11 for their coverage. And most of all, thanks to our NYC athletic community for racing, promoting, and cheering. 

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