American Zofingen Race Results

Last weekend Agnes Zbylut, Jessica Purcell-Zebrak and Steven Zebrak thought it would be be fun to head up to New Paltz for the toughest race they could find. And head up they did. For those of you who aren't familiar with American Zofingen, it is the brainchild of our friend John McGovern, who is a fine athlete, and a fine human being, but clearly a sadistic bastard. As such, he scouted out the steepest hills he could find. The duathlon is 5 miles of trail running, 85 of the hilliest miles imaginable, and then a little 15 mile cool down run. (No, I did not omit a decimal point.) Agnes partook in the duathlon, finishing 5th among the women. Jess and Steve did the 56 mile Half Iron ITT, with Jess finishing 2nd among the women, with Steve less than four minutes behind her.

Congratulations to all three.