Boston Marathon Race Report

Over a week has passed since the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. And while events like that put things in perspective and remind us that now matter how seriously we take racing, it's not really that important, our athletes' efforts still deserve recognition. Below are the team's results from the day. We look forward to being back next year, for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.

  • Jeffrey Dweck - 3:06:04
  • Alisa Stern - 3:20:00 (PR)
  • Sheila Monaghan - 3:20:00
  • Keila Merino - 3:24:25
  • Dan Seidler - 3:24:57
  • Cipriana Cuevas - 4:21:26
  • Elizabeth Ann Corkum -  4:21:26

Liz and Cip are both coming off of injuries but didn't want to miss the race, so they ran together at a comfortable pace. Sheila ran with Alisa and the results were a 10+ minute PR for Ms. Stern. And while Keila's time might not blow you away at first glance, it should be noted that it was her second marathon of the day.

Most importantly, I'm glad that our team and friends are all safe and accounted for. Our condolences to the victims and all those impacted by the bombing.