Chicago Marathon Race Results

City Coach athletes made their way to Chicago and did not disappoint. 
  • Luke McCambley 2:37:29 (PR, new team record)
  • Kevin Starkes 2:43:51
  • Stephen England 2:46:23
  • Ruy Guimaraes 2:52:22 (PR)
  • Bonnie Averbuch 2:58:33 (PR, new team record)
  • Bridget McKenna 3:08:02 (PR)
  • Tim Armstrong 3:09:11
  • Sheila Monaghan 3:14:00
  • Keila Merino 3:21:04
  • Alisa Stern 3:33:01
  • Adele Laboz 3:35:49 (PR)
  • Sara Bibi 3:45:00
A few observations from the comfort of my couch:
  • Luke ran a negative split and is now the proud owner of the fastest City Coach marathon. Not bad for his debut.
  • Kevin's 2:43 was on the heels of his Hamptons Marathon victory last week. His recovery jog is most people's dream race.
  • Bonnie bested her team record, and ran a major negative split in the process.
  • Bridget set a 10-minute PR in her first marathon since 2006
  • Luke looks way too happy while running 6:00/mile
  • Tracking runners online is stressful work, but in this case it makes for one very happy and proud coach. There are more variables than anyone can full control during a marathon (and training), and even on the best of days a team is not going to have nothing but PR's, but today's race was further proof of the obvious - hard work and smart racing pay off.  Congratulations to our entire team in Chicago.