Feel Good Friday: Medals Of Courage Revisited

I know that I've already posted about Medals of Courage, and included a note from its founder, Candace Ransom, but her latest note was too good not to share. And once again, I thank all of you who helped make this happen. Our NYC athletic community is truly awesome.

Dear Coach Jonathan,  

Wow!  You guys are amazing. Yesterday I had a chance to go over to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.  One of the staff lead me into this room where on this long doctors conference table, there sat dozens of boxes and cards and envelopes, filled with hundreds of medals from incredible people for the Medals of Courage endeavor.  And there your box sat the biggest of all, weighing close to 38 lbs with over 225of some of the most beautiful medals.  Without a doubt you New Yorker s are the most awesome people.  You definitely exceeded our expectations.  We were beginning to assemble the medals  in preparation for day, later this  month when we will be joined by Meb to share them with the children.

I remember my son commenting a few weeks before he died, that he wanted to take the train out to see New York for the first time.  Well,  I promised my husband that sometime in our life time we would go out and see your remarkable city and experience it for him..  Amazing enough, dreams do come true, last October I was invited out to Washington DC to receive the President Award from my company,  Amtrak.  They flew us out and it allowed us to take the train up one day to see your amazing city and fulfill the promise to our son.  I was reminded both last year when I visited your city, and yesterday when I saw all the medals, that the heart of New York is in the hearts of its people.

It looks like it won’t be long before the New York Marathon. No doubt your runners will have a dual edge over other runners.  I know my son will be there running in spirit by their sides,  giving them  a nudge, with a surge of strength and courage when  the pain starts to arrive..  With wings of wind they will be lifted.  You can share with them that if they hear the words in their head, “ Never,  Ever, Ever,  Give Up”  ,” You Can Do It, “ they  will know it was my son’s anthem he used to sing.. Again my best regards to you and your wife and to all those runners who have shared their treasures and will be running this upcoming race.

My son’s dream to graduate this past year with his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from UC Santa Barbara was cut short, but his dream to want to help others and make a difference other’s lives, I'll see fulfilled later this month, when we share the medals.  You have played an important role in helping this dream to be realized and at the same time, helping to lift the spirits of these brave children, many  who face some of the toughest races of their lives.   Please pass this message on to others, expressing my sincerest thanks for wanting to share their treasures, to bring some sunshine into the hearts of these courageous children. Many blessings to you and other fellow runners…………..run with joy.

With Heartfelt thanks,

Candace Ransom