Fitness During Pregnancy, Part 1

IMG_0484While I was pregnant, I continued to exercise, and I think that really helped me in the delivery. I was not willing or able to do any high intensity workouts and the program was a vast change from what I normally do. Nonetheless, the benefits were great. Here are the things that helped me immensely:

Floradix--this non-constipating iron supplement boosted my energy beyond belief.

Gabrialla Maternity belt--this gave me support so that I could run.

Nike Capris--I felt naked in my regular running shorts. This covered my thighs and the slight compression felt good.

Lululemon running skirts--never thought I'd be a fan, but I really liked them while I was pregnant. I don't know if I'll wear skirts running again, but I certainly liked that they were a part of my wardrobe.

Jolly Ranchers candy--helped with the nausea  and gave me a quick fix.

Kale--super-food. Eat it. Good for you and tastes good.

Men Speedo bottoms and Nike Sports bra--great for swimming. I wanted something that I could actually do a swim workout in. This combo was perfect.

Speedo Aqua Belt--I loved being in the water and this was great for me to deep water run. I looked forward to DWR and hanging out with some of my favorite people whom I have affectionately referred to as The Blue Belts.

Zoomers training fins--I used to swim with my friend Susan. But when I was pregnant, she was obviously too fast for me. With the fins, we could do workouts together. It was very motivating to share a lane with her. It would have been impossible to keep up without the fins.

Brooks Launch/Casacdia---sneakers of choice for running.

5-lb/8 lb weights--perfect for different arm exercises.

Snoozer body pillow--you can't workout if you don't sleep.

Coach Cane--good for either motivating me to do something or telling me to back off. Sometimes I felt good and wanted to do too much. He was great at helping me keep things in perspective.

Congrats on your pregnancy. Remember that there will be days you feel great and days you feel sluggish. Try to balance exercise and sleep. Listen to your body and be safe. Finally, if you feel guilty for having done nothing all day, remember that gestating is a pretty big something.