It's Contest Time: Show Us Your Best Worst Workout Gear

Recently I entered my prized Grateful Dead sponsored, 1992 Lithuanian Olympic Basketball team jersey in a contest. Inexplicably, it did not win. (OK, maybe it wasn't inexplicable since I recently publicly slammed the judge.)

Anyway, it got me to thinking. What's the craziest piece of swim, bike, or run gear that's still in your workout drawer?  Show us your best bad - the crazy outfit that you're most proud to rock. The winner will be awarded a shiny, new City Coach t-shirt. Here are the rules:

  • Attach the photo in the comments section. (You'll need to sign in with a Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus account.)
  • Extra credit will be awarded to photos of you wearing said items.
  • The team of judges at the Fitness Fashion Police will make the final decision on 9/10/12.