It's the End of the Century

Though it has been one of my favorite rides of the year since its inception in 2006, I've decided to put the annual No Sleep 'til Brooklyn Prospect Park century out to pasture. We had a lot of fun with the event, which included 30 mind-numbing but fun laps of the park. We managed to get the ride in six times - always on 6/21 to celebrate the longest day of the year. Increased crowding in the park, increased scrutiny of cyclists, as well as the new lane configuration (which limits cyclists to one lane) all led me to be concerned for rider safety, and ultimately choose not to ride this year. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Leanna Elisha and I remain the only idiots diehards to do all six rides and finish all six rides on the lead lap.
  • Our fastest time for the 102 miles was 5:13:27.
  • Every year we attempted to enforce the "in for a dime, in for a dollar" policy but were always secretly glad for some of the interlopers.
  • We had only one crash. That was Jasmine Pierce in v2.0. Jazz went down near the bandshell as a thunderstorm blew threw and sent some concert goers scattering. (It was a Richard Thompson concert, for those keeping score at home.)
  • Shane Neil has the record, with four flats on one ride. There is no proof that he did it intentionally in order to avoid riding the whole 100+ miles
  • Post race meals were held at Blue Ribbon, Bar Tano, and a greasy diner.
  • In 2007 and 2009 we had heavy rain for most of the ride, but other years were quite pleasant.
  • After v.4.0, Shane and I learned that it's no fun to have to ride the next morning.
  • Every year, one or more kind souls brought us food, drink and encouragement. Last year, Jerode, Yen, Z and others even downloaded a cowbell app to cheer us to the finish. Many thanks to all who helped.
  • Jeannine Bardo did it one year without a training ride of over 40 miles. Scott Towle came straight from the Mt. Washington Road Race in New Hampshire and did the ride. Larry Lewis and Willie Williams rode the Father's Day invitational century in Prospect Park and then did our ride a few days later.
  • NSQ managed to leave the country (literally) for each of the first five rides. That's a lot of effort just to avoid a lot of effort.  She finally did it last year and is now disappointed that it's being discontinued.
  • Terry Moore remains my white whale.  I never managed to get him to ride with us.

Fear not, I'm sure I'll think of another painful and goofy adventure for us in the not-so-distant future.