Medals of Courage 2014

Recently we put out a request to collect race medals for distribution to young patients at the Loma Linda Children's Hospital and the San Diego Children's Hospital through a great organization called Medals of Courage. With the help of JackRabbit Sports and Brickwell Cycling & Multisport, we got more than we could have imagined. To say that the response was overwhelming doesn't begin to explain it. We received hundreds and hundreds of medals. More than I could count (or carry). I recently sent a partial shipment, and they've begun to be distributed. So in case anyone is looking for some inspiration on Boston Marathon day, here is a note I got from Candace Ransom, the founder of Medals of Courage.

Dear Coach,

Thinking of you and your  all your NY runners on this eve.  For any of you, who may be running,   Go Rock the Race tomorrow ! You're all in my thoughts as you prepare for an remarkable race.  May each have an amazing race,  filled with inspiration and courage.  I will be cheering you all on from out here.

May the wind be at you back, and God’s speed with you.  Last week I had a chance to make a hospital visit and I will have another in San Diego next month to light up smiles like the  one above.  Thank you again for your team’s incredible generosity ,  and lifting the spirits of so many special children with your inspirational medals.   We will have so many to share !!!!!

Sending my best,


And here are just two of the happy recipients of your generosity.



So thank you to everyone who helped out. All of you who donated or helped spread the word, and to JackRabbit and Brickwell. I love that our big, impersonal city comes through big time and helps makes some kids happy.