NSTB100 v4.0

Jonathan: I hate myself right nowGroup: Take a number

That pretty much sums up No Sleep 'til Brooklyn version four.  We assembled at Ride Brooklyn and then at the park at 7p.  The lineup was Shane, Michael, Leanne, Geoff, Gary, Tom and yours truly.  Tom pulled us for most of the first two hours or so, as we got thoroughly soaked.  Pete from RB joined us for several laps and Scott arrived fresh from the Mt. Washington road race and hammered the second half of the ride.

Between a deep puddle across the entire road at the bottom of the park, and the occasional heavy rain, we were wet and gritty for the whole ride, but still managed to average 18.6 mph.  Someone got the idea that we should hammer the last lap, so we banged out a 9:15 as we finished the 102 miles.  Leanne and I are still the only brave idiots to have finished all four NSTB100's, and we were joined by Gary and Mike for the entire 30 laps.  Shane managed to flat three times but only lost three laps to the group and rode strong.

Thanks to Sarah Wenk and Elizabeth Grace for coming out to say hi and try to feed us, as well as Killary and Jen for delivering our supplies.  No one is ever more popular than the person who delivers Mountain Dew at mile 70.

Just 364 days until NSTB100 v5.0.