NYPD Memorial 5k Race Report

Back in 2002 I ran the inaugural NYPD Memorial 5k, while in the employ of the NYPD as a fitness instructor. I left the NYPD, and many good friends in 2004 but continue to encourage City Coach athletes to run the race, and support a good cause. I stopped by yesterday to see some old friends, and to cheer on the team. Our racers didn't disappoint, as I got to watch City Coach athletes win both the men's and women's races. Luke McCambley's first race with City Coach was the NYPD memorial in 2011, where he led early but was caught over the last mile. Yesterday, he ran smart and strong and held on for the victory in a speedy 15:45 (5:04/mile). City Coach newcomer Amber Sayer had a great debut race with the team, dominating the women's field, with an impressive 17:48 (5:44/mile) finish.

Congratulations Luke and Amber.