Order Has Been Restored

If you take a glance at the 40-44 women's age group results from last weekend's Percy Sutton 5k, you'll notice a few things. First, the lovely Nicole Sin Quee (who is the mother of my son yet was originally listed as a male) is now credited with second place in the 40-44 age group. Nnenna Lynch, a former All-American at Villanova (and also the mother of two young children) is now the winner of the AG. Conspicuously absent from the results is the woman who was originally listed as the winner. At first her finish time (18:48) looked both impressive and implausible. The former because it's fast (6:04/mile), and the latter because her previous race times never approached such levels. In fact last year she barely broke 7:00 at the 5th Avenue Mile, so running low 6:00/mile on a hilly course seemed a little curious. But lacking photos of someone else running with her number, we were reluctant to say or do anything about it. Thankfully, NYRR had more evidence at their disposal, and showed no such reluctance. They have removed the original AG "winner" from the results.

Because it's possible that her chip got switched with someone else's and there was no ill intent, I'm not publishing the name of the woman who was originally credited with the 18:48. Still, there's a delicious irony that's too good to ignore. Ms. 18:48 runs a boot camp for moms. Ms. Lynch and Ms. Sin Quee are both moms to young children but have likely never attended a boot camp or done a triceps dip off a park bench, yet somehow manage to run fast and look really good. Go figure.

In other Percy Sutton 5k news, Matt Duelka has now been officially credited with an 18:04, moving the men's team to 12th place. Once Teddy Gjone's time is added, it will move them to 10th. With Nicole's new NYRR approved status as a women, the ladies' team has moved to 5th place.

Congratulations to Nicole, Matt, the women's team, the men's team, as well as to all forces of good. And thanks to NYRR for correcting the erroneous time.