Palm Springs 2012

After a very full 2012 racing campaign, in which I raced more duathlons, triathlons and running races than I had ever packed into a season before, Coach Cane (a/k/a my lucky husband) didn't have to tell me twice to shut it down after my last competition. I fully embraced the off-season and the real winner during this time was carrot cake. I won’t lie, getting back into the pool after Sprint Nationals in Vermont (in August!), was something I kept delaying. Still, when we made the annual Cane family pilgrimage to Palm Springs the opportunity to swim in an outdoor 25 yard pool just feet from the house eased the burden of the re-entry. No bundling up, no packing all the gear and trekking to the pool, and the site of mountains and palm trees more than made up for the fact that swimming is my least favorite of the three triathlon disciplines. Combine that with discovering a magical product, Swim Spray, which left me with no chlorine smell after the swim, left me diving happily into the pool each day. No chlorine smell. None.

I also got to run on our favorite mountain trails, go to parks with Simon, eat lots of good food, and generally have a great time. I feel renewed and ready to attack the 2013 season.

There's more complete documentation in this photo album, but for the real highlight of the trip, see what happens when you combine a focused triathlete innocently swimming laps with a devious brother-in-law laying in wait at the bottom of the pool. I'm told that if you listen closely you can hear the echoes of my scream in the San Jacinto mountains.