Pancake Limerick Contest Winners

And now for the winner(s) of the Pancake Limerick Contest! The Sycophant Award goes to Billy Simmons. Of course he knows this is meaningless because, while his limericks aren't bad, sucking up doesn't work on this judge.

The It's My Contest Award goes to Jonathan Cane. That doesn't mean he's actually won anything. Besides, he can get a t-shirt anytime he wants one.

The Award for Best Use of Colorful Language goes to Ken. My pans say the same thing whenever I try to use them.

The Cat Lover's Award goes to Book Nerd. Let's hope there isn't any actual fur in those pancakes.

And the First Place Winner is...Emilia Benton! She's clearly not a vegan but her heart is in the right place (hopefully, or how is she alive?).

Pancakes for dinner are what I'm makin' Rest assured I am not fakin' Such perfect fuel after a run And eating them can be such fun But so tragic without any bacon

Ms. Benton, please contact us and we'll arrange to get your prize to you. Madam Judge, isn't "first place winner" redundant? And aren't you familiar with the phenomenon known as situs inversus?

Tune in next year for another pancake contest.