Race Day Approaches

This Sunday I will be racing 400 meters against my husband. There is ego and a mountain bike on the line. But not really. The bike has already been purchased, and truth be told, “My money/your money” isn’t a thing for us. As far as ego, we both want to be the victor, having run a good race rather than having the other one limp off the track (but if that happens, a win is a win).

Here’s what I have learned from training for this race:

  • Don’t underestimate yourself or someone else.
  • Get out of your comfort zone—try something altogether new since there is no baseline and no reason to feel disappointment.
  • Challenge your partner/friend—you both win in being healthier.
  • Hospital for Special Surgery does great hip work. A little too great.
  • Use social media to help yourself rather than engaging in the typical humble -brag. Be accountable to your friends and the universe. That will encourage you to get the workouts done.
  • Every time it burns out there, Jonathan pushes through thinking, “She doesn’t think I can do this.” Let someone else’s underestimation of you fuel you.
  • While I won’t be wearing a bib, I will be in race mode. No excuses. Race and STFU. It is on.
  • Have fun. Winning is fun.

While I can say with confidence that the 400 is not my optimal distance, I have fully enjoyed seeing myself improve and getting back in the game, so to speak. Coach John Zuehlke and Coach Shane Neil have been instrumental in getting the SinCanes back in shape. And thank you to Under Armor for making me look dope on the track. Those Division 1 kids at Manhattan College definitely look at me enviously. At least until I start running.