Singapore Runner Takes Cheating to New Heights (Depths?)

Remember my last post where I said I didn't want to embarrass anyone for cutting a course during a marathon? Please disregard that nonsense. Tam Chua Pah, a 43-year old pastry chef has admitted to repeatedly cheating at marathons. Most recently, he ran only the last 6k (3.7 miles) of the Singapore Marathon. He then took a shortcut to the finish line, crossing in 2:46, and initially being identified as the top local runner.

Tam's explanation? “I am sorry if I offended anyone. I never thought I would create so much inconvenience for the organizers,” he said. “I never thought about going home midway. It would have been like giving up.” So the man who cut more than 90% off the course didn't want to "give up"? I have but one response.

He now admits that this was not the first time he cut a course. And in case you're wondering what Tam's motivation was, apparently he wanted his T-shirt and "finisher's" medal.