Stock Answers

Having been at this coaching thing for a while, I often hear the same questions and comments over and over. As such, I find myself typing the same response multiple times. I've decided that instead of wearing out my keyboard, in the future I will simply use a few stock answers, and will send them to the appropriate parties. Here's response #1:

Dear Crossfit/Barefoot Runner/Paleo Guy/New Runner/New Coach:

Henceforth, if you choose to condescend to me and begin your sentence with "what you don't understand is..." or "you need to know that..." please make sure that you have at least the same knowledge and experience that I do. In other words, when you have been coaching record holding National and World Champion endurance and strength athletes for 25 years, and have a Masters Degree in exercise physiology, please feel free to talk down to me. Until then, I'll thank you to avoid "correcting" me or talking down to me when sharing your knowledge, which I assure you is not nearly as vast as you seem to think. Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to admit that I'm far from the world's foremost authority on exercise science, and I strive to learn new things all the time. I'm just not convinced that you're the one to teach them to me.