The Project 2016 Playlist

I will skip the part where I bemoan my inability to write a blog post consistently. I want to talk about the future, 2016 – which is more than one lap of a mile over. For the 5 readers here who know me well, you understand that music is an important part of my life. Since the 6th grade I have been an ardent fan of electronic music, and for that reason, I thought I would put out my Project 2016 Playlist. Ironically, it’s made of music mostly composed in 2015. But first, what exactly is Project 2016? Coach Cane has the #podiumproject, which is fairly self-explanatory for his army of super athletes, but for me the 2016 Project is personal. It’s a mix of objectives that I have for the year that would make 2016 a success. Do I have to achieve them all? No. You’ll also notice that most of them aren’t triathlon related. This sport, until I can find a way to do it for a living, is a hobby, and while it might be a huge part of how I identify myself, it’s important to keep that in perspective. Before we get into the objectives themselves, my song that will inspire the season!

Tesseract, by Ilan Bluestone

Every year I pick one song that defines the whole season. It’s the one beat I will never change when it pops up on my playlist and always encourages me to work a little bit harder. When you’re mid-20 minute sweet spot interval on Trainerroad, this song helps you find a few extra watts and RPMs. Tesseract’s deep and driving baseline is overlaid with an aggressive rhythm, and the bridge with the piano gives me chills, which helps when your body temperature is rising faster than your sweat rate. Objective #1!

Pass Level 3 of the CFA Test.

Again, decidedly not triathlon in nature, this objective is dominating my thought process. On June 4th, I will sit for the Level 3 examination for the first and hopefully last time. There are many things that I want to accomplish in the sport that I feel like this is holding me back from. Whether or not that’s actually true, it will still be nice to remember the feeling of riding outside on the weekends without feeling guilty about losing study time. The test also takes up a ton of brain power, which is more important than you might expect in triathlon. It would represent the largest accomplishment of my life, and the fulfillment of a goal set three years ago.

Raise enough money for the Mohonk Preserve.

I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t misfire on the charity slot opportunity. I wanted to save it for a race that I not only really wanted to participate in, but also included a cause I could get behind. I had an inkling last year that the SOS Triathlon would be the race, and am following through on that feeling this year. The SOS is an 8 stage triathlon with 1 bike, 3 swims, and 4 runs. It’s essentially a tour of one of the most beautiful places in the world, New Paltz, NY. AND the money that I raise will go towards programing for underserved youth in the area to get them outdoors! Triathlon has been incredibly important to my personal and professional development; please help others have the same opportunity!

Sub 2 hours – NYC Triathlon

The first, and only, triathlon related goal I have on here isn’t for an A-Race, but a hometown one. After June 4th I will have 7 weeks of solid summer training to get ready for the New York City triathlon. My swim will put me in position to do it, but will I be able to bike/run fast enough!? I have no idea, but I sure as hell am going to give my all.

And this music is going to inspire me to do it! Ladies and gentleman, in no particular order, the Project 2016 Playlist!

- Tesseract by Ilan Bluestone - Rise Up by Anry (the 2015 Song of the Season!) - Hello (Album Mix) by Above & Beyond - Gone (Original Mix) by Genix - Personal Jesus (Eric Prydz Remix) by Depeche Mode(!!!) - Blue Sky Action by Above & Beyond - Spheres by Ilan Bluestone - Durban by Genix - Pink Roads (Ronski Speed Remix) – Arty - Follow (Original Mix) by Noah Neiman & Featuring Mike Schmid - Flushing Meadows by George McCauley - Resurrection by Andy Moor - A.I. by Above & Beyond - Mind Reader (Original Mix) by Haxxy - About the Sun by Kyau & Albert - Rattrap (Original Mix) by Martin Peter - Coral by Hal Sticker - Miami Waves by Juventa

Whew, that’s a lot of music! If you want to pass along your personal songs of the season, feel free to do so. I wish you all a successful 2016 season!