Transition Workshop

If you....

  • have never had to look twice for your bike in transition
  • have never had a problem doffing your wetsuit in a hurry
  • flawlessly execute the flying mount and dismount with your shoes clipped into the pedals
  • are so blazing fast that you can win even if you stop for a little demitasse in transition
  • don't mind being ridiculed if you run out of T2 with your helmet on

...there's no need to attend our Transition Clinic. Otherwise, I suggest you come by to hear me and watch Terry Moore as we go over methods to help you gain free speed. We'll discuss strategies for getting through T1 and T2 quickly and smoothly, and then you'll practice mounting and dismounting. Bring your bike and shoes if you can, but you're welcome to come by even if you can't.

  • When: 6/6/12 at 7p
  • Where: Daniel Webster Statue. 72nd St and West Drive in Central Park

Kindly RSVP so we have an idea of who's coming. Rain will cancel, so check the team Facebook page if in doubt.