Wineglass Marathon Race Report x 2

There are few things that I enjoy more than sharing a happy race report. But sharing two happy race reports qualifies. Yesterday Jamie Kyei and Adele Laboz raced the Wineglass Marathon, and each, in their own way, had a great race.

Jamie finished in 3:02:08, running a strong, smart race (complete with a negative split) to hold on to second place. To say that I am proud of Jamie for sticking with the plan and racing so well is an understatement. And just in case my pride isn't enough to keep Jamie happy, she also got a big-ass medal, a bottle of champagne, and a big fat check for her troubles.


Meanwhile Adele Laboz ran 4:07:13. At first glance this might not seem overly impressive considering Adele's race history and potential. But consider that Adele ran the Leigh Valley Marathon last month, and the Yonkers Marathon last week. Then, she drove to the race late Saturday and arrived at 1:30a for the 8:00a start. And then, as she does after all of her marathons, she spent the day with her family.


Now it's time for Adele to get ready for NYC and Philly.