Your Results May Vary (a/k/a Flying Pig Marathon Report)

We met the lovely Cipriana Cuevas last summer as part of JackRabbit's Run for the Rabbit campaign. I was lucky enough to coach her and the rest of that awesome crew. Cip was new to running and wanted to survive her first marathon. She did so, in 4:51 at the Hamptons Marathon in September 2011. She followed that up with a 4:27 a few weeks later in NYC. She continued to train with our team and put in lots of hard work on her own, and showed signs of progress. Still, when she asked me if I thought she could qualify for Boston I gave her my patented "it's ambitious but not entirely crazy" response, figuring that maybe someday she could.  Say hello to someday. Cipriana just ran a 3:33:56 at today's Flying Pig Marathon. You heard me.  3:33:56.  Hello BQ. And check out the ridiculous 6+ minute negative split.

I'm not sure if it's my brilliant coaching, NSQ's "you wanna have fun? Running faster is fun" speech during Cipriana's first marathon, or maybe it had a little something to do with all the hard work that Cipriana put in to make this happen, but one way or another I couldn't be more proud or excited.  Congratulations Cip.