Bandit Sues Race Director!

I wasn't sure whether to categorize this post under the Cheaters or the Dear A$$hole heading, so I'll go with both. Apparently being a bandit isn't bad enough. According to Runner's World, "Robert Fecteau III is suing the organizers of the 2010 Filthy 5K Mud Run in Richmond, Va., for negligence after he became partially paralyzed in a mud pit near the finish. Fecteau is seeking $30 million even though he wasn't a registered participant in the event".  That's right - the guy used someone else's bib to do the race, and then sued when he got hurt.I'm well aware that plenty of people sell or transfer bibs. (Check out craiglist for all the Brooklyn Half bibs for sale for tomorrow's race.) If people choose to violate the rules, that's their prerogative, but if they get caught, they should put their tail between their legs and apologize, not attack.  So, considering that  Mr. Fecteau was in clear violation of the rules, it takes balls so big that even Michael Jordan couldn't palm to then sue because get hurt in the race. While I'm clearly not aware of the legal subtleties, it seems to me that if you sign a waiver, you should only sue if the race organizers were horribly negligent, so I probably wouldn't support a law suit even if he had entered the race. But this guy got hurt where he didn't belong. He sounds like the guy who breaks into your house and then sues because he cut himself on the glass of the window he smashed in order to get in. I never thought I could lack sympathy for someone who is paralyzed, but in this case I'll make an exception. Personally, I hope the Race Director countersues him for trespassing, theft of services, legal costs, and maybe for being a general jerk.