Brooklyn Half Marathon Race Report

City Coach was born in Brooklyn and our first JackRabbit program was the Brooklyn Half Marathon, so we have a special place in our cold little heart when it comes to the Brooklyn Half. So after all the drama about the course, the fees, the size of the field, as well as a heat advisory for a day when the temps topped out in the low-60's during the race, we're happy to report that we had a very strong showing in the County of Kings.
I'll keep updating results as they come in. Here's what we have so far.
  • J. Geoff Badner 1:26:30
  • Nicole Sin Quee 1:27:17 (PR) 5th in AG (for now)
  • Dan Seidler 1:28:29
  • Elizabeth Corkum 1:28:52 (PR)
  • Tim Armstrong 1:29:00
  • Jean Cassandra 1:31:42
  • Jen Heister 1:36:37
  • Teddy Gjone 1:38:22
  • Cipriana Cuevas 1:40:52
  • Erika Amundson 2:04:34
  • Iris Shalam 2:11:43
  • Jeanne Campanelli 2:21:05
  • Michele Levy 2:23:44
  • Women's Team - 8th Place

A big ol' City Coach "rock on with your bad self" to all who raced.