GPS Art Contest

It's time for some creative competition. Here's your task:

  • Fire up a GPS-enabled app and go for a run or ride.
  • Follow a route that "draws" a fun GPS Art design.
  • Send a screen grab of the design to the team of judge.
  • You may enter as often as you like. Entries must be received February 28.

Here are the rules:

  • The team of judge will determine the winner based on creativity, originality, and any other random criteria he sees fit. There may or may not be any truth to the rumor that said judge has a juvenile sense of humor or that he responds well to flattery.
  • The winner will receive a City Coach technical trucker hat.
  • If the winner creates his/her masterpiece on Strava and follows Coach Cane on Strava, we'll throw in a Strava shirt and a free 90-day upgrade to Strava Premium.