GPS Art Contest Winner

Larry Bird was a cocky SOB, but when he famously walked into the locker room before the first ever  NBA 3-point shooting contest and asked "which one of you is coming in second?". He was just that good. Well thanks for the entries in the GPS art contest, in which we challenged you to "draw" a design by riding or running, but early on it became clear that this was a race for second place, and that Michael Wallace was going to be the winner. He is just that good. In fact, the judge's biggest challenge was deciding which of Mr. Wallace's entries was the best.

After much deliberation, here is your winner.

GPS fishing_1443564460971

Truth be told, I'd have trouble drawing this with a pad and pencil, let alone on a bike. Kudos to Mr. Wallace for his creativity and execution. As a prize, he'll receive, a Strava T-shirt, and a 90-day upgrade to Strava Premium courtesy of our friends at Strava, as well as a City Coach Technical Trucker hat.

If you want to see more awesome GPS art, check out Mr. Wallace on Strava. If you want to feel better about your workouts, follow me.