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What Triathletes Can Learn from the 2018 Winter Olympics

As I think more about my rookie professional triathlon season, I find it to be more inspiring to look outside my world of swim, bike, run. With the 2018 Winter Olympics going on, there are so many amazing events and athletes that I've been drawn to.

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Three Tips on How to Tri and Travel

When I crossed the finish of the NYC Triathlon, I thought "that was probably my worst race ever". 

It turns out I was very wrong.  Aside from getting on the Elite Podium I had dropped almost 3 min from my swim time and almost 4 min on the bike over last year's race. 

I was surprised, because in the lead-up to the NYC Triathlon my wife and I were on the road for ten of the last ten weekends.

Here are my top three tips for training while traveling.

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